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We Do This With EASE

The moment has finally arrived, 2023 Ease Elite basketball tryouts are in the books as EASE looks to get ready for another season. With nearly 100 participants showing up, the coaches and staff had their hands full with players from all across Monroe county.

After a brief introduction, Coach Boogie Dollar, explained to the players that EASE Elite would not be looking for just talent, and that there will be a great opportunity for players to show other capabilities, such as being a good teammate, being competitive, and having a good attitude. That message was clear because the players definitely put there capabilities on display.

We asked one of the parents how she felt about the turn out and she said:

It’s a blessing to see all these kids tryout and for EASE to be in a position to make this all happen” “I’m so excited about this season

We also asked another parent who brought three of her sons to tryout for the first time, and she said:

This was amazing. I was really impressed by the professionalism. I really hope my boys can be a part of this

We even ask one of the players how he felt the tryouts were going, and he responded with one word


And now that EASE is off to a hot start, the coaches will get together and decide who makes our final rosters. There also will be other opportunities for players that may have missed this years tryouts to make it on a roster.

We spoke to Coach Dollar and he stated:

This was a great turnout and a good experience for all the players who came out

We’ve decided that we’re going to bring everyone back into smaller groups, so that we can better evaluate the players and give them another opportunity to show what they got

There’s a lot of talent and potential out here. we didn’t expect this many players to show up, but…that’s a good problem to have and I’m sure we’ll figure it out

This looks to be another exciting season for EASE. The coaches and staff are ready to take on all challenges that come with the journey.  And as you already know, they will look to do this with EASE.😉

If you’re interested in tryout opportunity or know someone who is, please contact us at

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