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EASE Elite’s Showdown in B-Town

EASE Elite made waves at the recent Showdown in  B-Town tournament, with both the 14U and 15U squads delivering standout performances and showcasing their talent on the court. From thrilling victories to hard-fought battles, both teams left a lasting impression with their resilience, teamwork, and determination.

The 14U squad kicked off the tournament with a statement win against the New York Ballers, overcoming early challenges to secure a gritty 59-53 victory in overtime. The team displayed a relentless defensive mindset and collective effort that set the tone for the weekend.

Continuing their momentum, the 14U squad faced tough competition from the Buffalo Titans, navigating through challenges to emerge with a resilient 56-48 victory. Their ability to adapt and overcome obstacles showcased their versatility and determination, propelling them to the top of their bracket with a 2-0 record.

Sunday brought more triumphs for the 14U squad, as they battled past Team Fury and the Junior Wildcats with grit and determination, securing commanding victories to advance to the semifinals. Although they fell short against Team Rise in a hard-fought battle, Coach Tre Dollar was asked how he felt about the team's performance.

He said:

we have the right defensive mindset to win games. We just have to do a better job at protecting the ball on offense and making better decisions” we put ourselves in a hole and then have to fight back to get out of it. when you play against the better teams, it gets harder and harder to win like that”

Meanwhile, the 15U squad embarked on their own journey of excellence, opening the tournament with a hard-fought win against the City Rocks Black team. Led by their stingy defense and efficient transition offense, the team showcased their resilience and skill in a thrilling 58-50 victory.

Continuing their momentum, EASE faced the physical challenge presented by the Hilton Basketball Club, maintaining composure and control throughout the game. With a disciplined approach and unwavering focus, the team secured a convincing 57-44 victory, showcasing their ability to adapt and thrive under pressure.

Sunday brought a win-or-go-home situation against XGen Elite, and EASE rose to the occasion with dominance, cruising to a commanding 59-30 triumph. The team's determination and cohesive play were on full display as they secured their spot in the next round.

In a highly anticipated rematch against the City Rocks Glow, EASE battled fiercely in a back-and-forth contest. Despite taking the lead, the team faced adversity with two starters fouling out at crucial points , ultimately falling short in a hard-fought 80-74 loss.

We spoke with Brailon Johnson, starting shooting guard for EASE, who has been out due to injury. We ask how he felt the loss to city rocks

he said.

we played all right. Me not being able to play was kind of hard to watch and lose to a team that we feel we could beat. They (city rocks) knew they had to come out and play their best basketball to beat us and I don’t think we played our best basketball, but when we get all of our players back we will be hard to beat”

We also asked, what does the team need to change in order for EASE to play their best basketball.

He responded

We have to cut out the careless mistakes that we know we should not make and stop playing down to the competition level"

Brailon is expected to make his return this weekend in Boston.

As both squads prepare for their next challenge at the Zero Gravity Chase the Chain tournament in Boston, Massachusetts, EASE Elite stands proud of their achievements and unwavering commitment to excellence. With their sights now set on bringing glory back to Rochester, New York, the EASE 14U and 15U squads continue to inspire and unite, embodying the spirit of resilience, teamwork, and dedication.

Stay tuned as we follow the journey of the EASE Elite to greatness , as they continue to rise to new heights and exemplify the spirit of excellence and unity. Let's Go EASE!

Special congratulations to three EASE Elite players for being recognized and selected to attend the Iglesias basketball camp this summer

James Willingham, Amir James,

And Caden Carey

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