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Flash Back Fridays

Welcome to Flashback Fridays, a journey through the history of EASE Elite basketball. Every week, we’ll take a nostalgic trip down memory lane, revisiting pivotal moments, cherished memories, and significant milestones that have shaped our program into what it is today. From heart-pounding victories to behind-the-scenes snapshots, each post will offer a glimpse into the past, accompanied by reflections from the very individuals who experienced those moments firsthand. Join us as we celebrate the essence of our basketball legacy, one flashback at a time.

The Choice to Be at EASE

It all started in the emergency room at Saint Mary's hospital. Doctors were working hard to deliver the blessed child who would later become the....

Ok Ok Ok, we not gonna take yall back that far, but In our first ever Flashback Fridays post, we turn the clock back to a pivotal moment in the genesis of EASE Elite basketball—the first coaches meeting. Captured in a series of candid photographs, this meeting marked the beginning of a journey filled with passion, dedication, and unwavering commitment to excellence. This was the start of something big for us.

EASE E beginnings

Reflecting on the significance of these moments, Coach Boogie recalls,

“We were all excited about the new logo, and it felt empowering to have some support from friends and family to take on this new journey and start the process.”

Meeting at the Distillery

For Coach Chaz, revisiting this moment brought a sense of appreciation.

“Wow, this brings back memories", Sometimes you don’t realize how important moments like these are. Not even talking about the picture, but the actual act of us having meetings and taking it seriously.”

First ever EASE T-shirts

Indeed, it’s the dedication to the journey, the willingness to invest time and effort, that lays the foundation for greatness.

As we look back on the first coaches meeting, we’re reminded of the power of collaboration, vision, and camaraderie. When we look back and see how far we've come, it's a reminder that if you put in the work and believe in yourself, anything is possible. Join us next week as we unveil another chapter in our history, only on Flashback Fridays @EASE🫡

Almost could’ve been named something else

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