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The Measure of Success

This past weekend was a big test for the entire organization.

All seven teams were entered into the JP Memorial King and Queen of the Roc I in Rochester, New York. With so many new players on board, this was a chance for everyone to shake the nerves, test their skills, and see what it’s like to compete in a competitive tournament.

After coming off the disappointing loss in the Championship game in their first tournament last week, the girls were ready for their next opportunity. They got off to a great start by getting victories over 'Team Self Made' and the '585 Bobcats'. They would eventually make it to the Championship game against 'Empire Select' and finish with an impressive 51-35 win. The girls made history becoming the first EASE Elite Girls' team to ever win a tournament Championship. Coach Chaz said, “I was proud that everyone stepped up and played together. We got good energy from our girls coming off the bench and Zanya’s presence down low was a big factor".

Ajaya Orr was the Outstanding Player of the tournament.

Way to go Ladies!! 👏🏾🏀🏆.

The 13U and 17u Boys' Teams also made it to their brackets Championship game, but both fell short in hard fought losses.

The 14u and 18u struggled all day and suffered disappointing losses in the semi-finals.

EASE Elite's youngest team, 12u Boys', started day one with a loss to an experienced and talented 'RSBA' squad. After the game, Coach Omar told his players, “We got to get back to playing defense and staying together if we want to win games”. They would soon bounce back and win their next two games and made it to the semi-finals game against a talented 'City Rocks' team. The boys fought hard and at one point took the lead in the second half, but two key players fouled out with five mins to go in the game. That turned out to be too big of a blow for EASE and they were eliminated after a 52-43 loss.

When asked about this tournament's turn out, Coach Boogie seemed to be pleased. He said, “It’s still so early for us and right now our focus is on the improvement of our teams and players. We’ve been putting in the work, so whatever, results we get now, is necessary for our journey ahead”.

The next tournament will be the JP Memorial one-day tournament in Rochester, NY.

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