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Opening Day of Tryouts

Day 1 of tryouts kicked off strong with an eager 5th & 6th grade group. The participants went through a series of drills that allowed the coaches to not only observe their basketball skills, but also their athleticism, speed, focus, and competitiveness. The tryout concluded with a scrimmage full of highlights including no look passes, steals, and long range shots.


The hype behind the 9th & 10th grade group was felt immediately when over 30 boys were in attendance to showcase their skills. "I was impressed with the amount of kids that showed up. These guys are getting to that age where there is a lot of distractions that could deter them from going in the right direction. Thankfully, they made a choice to come try out for our program last night which is great. We don’t know who will make the roster but sometimes showing up is the first step to excellence," said Coach Dollar. The tryout scene was very competitive and the energy was high throughout the entire tryout. The coaches are looking forward to Day 2 of tryouts with both age groups. Good Luck!

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