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Making It Happen With EASE


EASE Elite has its first ever Girls' team. CONGRATULATIONS to the girls that made the team (all of them LOL). This is a very dynamic group of young ladies. There are clear signs that this group has the ability to work together, bond, and create chemistry.

One standout moment from last Friday's tryout, was 9-year-old Sureya Fernandez. Her fearlessness and ambition to compete for a spot against older players was very impressive to our coaching staff. We see her being a force to be reckoned with, in the near future.

This past Friday capped up the EASE Elite's first week of practice. With the word spreading that EASE Elite was back in the gym, opportunities to play became available. We chose to take advantage by entering our Girls' and our 14u Boys' teams in to the "Zero Gravity War for WNY" Tournament.

With only one practice in for the girls, and two for the boys, Coach Boogie Dollar said, "Right now, we have no expectations. We want to give some of our new players and parents a chance to see what a tournament weekend is like. I don't mind throwing these two teams into the fire because I feel it will be a good test for players and coaches."

... and into the fire they went ...

Saturday, both teams got after it and took care of business. The Girls' team played their first game against the New York Royals and was able to shake off the nerves and pull off a 47-42 victory. In their second game, against the Cyclones, they locked in on defense and orchestrated a 46-12 blowout victory.

Girls' Player of the Day was awarded to AJaya Orr. She was given an interview and had her picture will be posted to Zero Gravity's website. GREAT JOB GIRLS!

Meanwhile, our boys battled against a tough "Brighton Select" team. After a close first half, our team settled down and pulled away late to cap off a 74-53 victory. The second game against "EL Town Elite" did not end as pretty as the first. A back-and-forth battle between two competitive teams really tested the resilience of our guys. The little things down the stretch played a big factor in to the 54-52 victory. "We have a great group of guys, and their potential is through the roof. I'm just excited about what the future holds for them. We still have to take care of business and it will be nice to come out with the trophy."-Coach Boog

Boys' Player of the Day was awarded to Orlando Marquez. He was given an interview and had his picture will be posted to Zero Gravity's website. GREAT JOB FELLAS!

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