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Back with EASE

As we enter a new season for the EASE Elite Basketball Program, the coaches and staff are preparing for what could be the best season yet. This year marks the 5th consecutive season although, the last 2 seasons were affected by challenges caused by the Covid-19 outbreak. Despite those obstacles, the program was able to sustain growth and achieve excellence through the commitment of hard work and dedication from players, parents, and the coaching staff. When asked how difficult these past two seasons were? Coach Boogie Dollar responded “very difficult”, “at times we didn’t know if things would ever get back to normal but everyone stuck together, made sacrifices And figured it out”. And figured it out they did! Not only was last year one of the most memorable years in the programs history, EASE Elite was able to bring home at least 12 total tournament championship wins. When asked how the program would be able to top that? Coach Boog just smiled and said “with EASE”. the first day of tryouts are set to begin next week, begining Monday March 21st. Do you have what it takes to become Elite with EASE? Well we can’t wait to see how this story unfolds. be sure to check back for more coverage throughout the season. #EASEuP #WeDoThisWithEASE #EASEeLITe Coaches, Players, & Supporters Register Here

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