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The Hunger for a Chip 🏆

This weekend’s tournament turned out to be a great test or our Girls' team and the 14u Boys' squad. Although both teams were recently put together and only participated in just a few practices, they were given the opportunity to compete for a championship at the Zero Gravity War for WNY.

With only six players on the roster for Saturday's games, the girls welcomed new addition, 13-year-old Zanya Bruce, Sunday to help battle against an experienced "Orchard Park Thunder" team in the championship game. The girls were fired up and started the game on a 10-2 run. The Thunder slowly battled back by taking advantage of our shorthanded roster and pressuring the ball full court in an attempt to wear out our players. The girls did not give up and they played hard to the end but were unable to come out with a victory. Coach Chaz said, “I knew we would be limited, but I was happy that the girls played hard, and I can see the potential in this group”. The girls will have many more opportunities to compete this season as we watch to see how their story unfolds.

Meanwhile, the boys put on a show for everyone to watch. Special thanks to the help from some of our younger, but experienced 13U players James Willingham, Brailon Johnson, and Corey Faison.

After going undefeated in Saturday games, they came into Sunday with the mindset to keep it like that. After winning a low scoring matchup against "East Aurora BCG", the championship game ended up being a rematch with "EL Town Elite" from Palmyra, NY. Saturday, EASE defeated EL Town Elite 54-52, so EL Town Elite was seeking to avenge that loss. Right out of the gate, EASE Elite had an intense focus to play defense and held El Town Elite to under 20 points, in the first half. In the second half, the Ease Elite's offense turned up and never looked back. Cai’ryn Jessie was a big factor with his poise and balanced attack, Brailon Johnson hit some very big buckets to stretch the lead, and Orlando Marquez finished the deal with his array of moves to the basket.

EASE Elite would go on to win in blowout fashion and bring in the first championship of the 2022 season.

Great job to all of the girls and boys who participated this past weekend! #EASEuP☝🏾


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