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Road To Excellence

The 2023 Ease Elite tryouts have been announced. The new basketball season is underway!! The word is out, and the coaches parents and players are excited about this upcoming season.

This year looks to bring new excitement and success after coming off possibly the best season in program history.

Last year was the start of our first ever EASE Elite girls team who exceeded all expectations and won a total of 6 tournament championships wins.

Another highlight of last season was Coach Dollar being selected as a staff member for Chris Paul’s Cp3 middle school combine in Philadelphia PA, along with two players from EASE Elite 8th grade team nominated to participate (Brailon Johnson, and James Willingham).

The collaboration with Next Level Hoops, and Coach Ray Smith was also a big step for the program as he brought routine training and the understanding of basketball concepts to our players. All in which helped our teams come up with 20 total tournament championship victories most ever in one season.

After the season’s end, we brought the crew back together to celebrate The First Annual Ease Elite Basketball Banquet which featured guest speakers, food ,entertainment, and an award ceremony.

When asked about his feelings about last year‘s endeavors, Coach Boogie Dollar said “it’s always a beautiful thing to see different aspects of our program grow”. “Over 90% of our kids are Rochesters inner-city youth, so any success or achievement we get, we want it to be celebrated”. “it represents the commitment and Hardwork that everyone has put in. plus … why not?.” “We understand our lane and we have a good group of coaches and volunteers who’ve selflessly help pave the way”.

So far that path is continuing to open up for EASE Elite we Can’t wait to see what this year brings Stay tuned!!!


This year’s tryouts on March 17th will be held at The Henrietta Recreation Center. EASE is looking to recruit players from the ages of 10-18 years of age, boys and girls.

please spread the word.

Visit for more info

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