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Day 2 of EASE Elite Tryouts

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

The highly anticipated Tuesday night tryouts for the younger fellas did not disappoint. Not only was the gym filled with potential players, the energy and excitement also filled the air. Players worked hard and got “after it“ right from the jump. Even though it was a competitive atmosphere, there were many moments of support as everyone cheered on other players and encouraged them to finish drills. Second year coach Duke Kinner shared his thoughts about the tryouts “I can’t wait to get started, we have a lot of potential. Once they learn how to play together this will be a good group”. The girls are up next. This Friday, they will have the opportunity to make history and be the first girls team to play with EASE 😉. We would like to thank everyone who has participated thus far, and wish all the best of luck! All players and teams will be selected this weekend, and next week will be the start of a very eventful year. Stay tuned!


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